Village Weaver

The weaver works vigorously to build a nest good enough to attract a mate.
Our approach to building websites takes inspiration from the weaver's dedication to get it done right.

who we are

We’re Lara Sue &
Chad Lee. Creatives
from South Africa.

what we do

Build websites so businesses
can offer their products
and services online.

why we do it

Good businesses
deserve to be

Village Weaver – Websites Built Simple.

Village Weaver makes the process of getting your business online simple and affordable. We’ve worked with brands big and small, local and global, helping them get online quickly without the hassles.

Whether you need minor changes to your existing site or want to upgrade to a new and improved website, you can rely on Village Weaver to deliver professional service at a fraction of the time and cost.

“I am extremely chuffed and thankful that a great guy like you has done my website…

It means a lot to me. We have a strong foundation here and a great website to work from”

– Yogesh Govan (Yogis Barbershop, Owner)

“Village weaver met our development brief 100% and have been most supportive going beyond the scope of our initial contract in helping us with their ongoing expertise.”

– Brett Ellis (Inspiring Leadership Growth)

“Village Weaver so got what I wanted. Made notes .. agreed what to do and sent a list of outputs and then dutifully created what I wanted within a few days. They suggested some ideas and these were really great and were incorporated into my final website. They created magic.”

– Lyndel Daly (Lifecoaching 4U)

“I had no idea where to start or how to create a website. Village Weaver walked me through the process and built a site that was perfect for my business.”

(Weather & Love, Vietnam)

“GREAT job. I have to say that the site looks very professional and a great pillar to launch the B2B campaign.”

(Bridgid, Styal Luxury Classics)

What makes a great website?

Simplicity. The best websites are the ones that make sense to your customer and add value to your business in the simplest way possible.

A website serves the needs of your business, not the other way around. Village Weaver builds all our sites with this principle in mind.

What we love most about what we do

The ability to create something new that helps people grow their own businesses.
Its empowering and humbling, the realization that anyone, any business, deserves a website and we have the chance to make that happen for them.

What inspired us to start Village Weaver?

After years of experience working at an industry-leading agency with some of the largest brands and retailers in the world, we’ve learned what the challenges and opportunities are for businesses wanting to go online. And today, it is possible for any business to offer exceptional online experiences without hassles or deep pockets.

Whether you’re a startup or a longstanding business owner entrenched in the community, your need to get your services online (given the realities of the world under COVID), that is the call for Village Weaver to get to work. That is our mission and why we do what we do.

Why our clients chose Village Weaver?

Reliable. Competent. Effective. We’ve built sites for brands in different countries, languages and industry sectors (ranging from Beauty, Real Estate, Corporate, Hospitality, Food, Music & Entertainment, and more).

Our existing clients are testament to the fact that Village Weaver is able to understand the specifics of any brief, pay close attention to what really matters and offer guidance that saves you time and money.

You won’t get tied into monthly retainers if you prefer a once-off charge. Also, a big believe we have is that you own your own site. The hosting and domain is registered all in your name. It is your asset and you have the control when it’s launched.

“I’ve always loved being behind my camera and allowing my creativity flow freely. There’s no better feeling than to pause a moment in time, forever.”

Lara Sue

“I see myself as a natural-born problem saver bringing together all the pieces of the puzzle. The finished product is what I live for.”

Chad Lee

Let’s weave your website.

Are you needing a space online to call your own? Enquire about getting your website built by us

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